What Is Regrouping In Math Addition?

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What is Regrouping in Math Addition?


Regrouping in math addition is a fundamental concept that is taught in early elementary school. It is also known as carrying or borrowing. Regrouping is used when the sum of two or more digits in an addition problem is greater than ten.

How Does Regrouping Work?

When regrouping is required, the digit in the ones place is written below the line, and the digit in the tens place is added to the next column on the left. This process allows us to add larger numbers efficiently.


Let’s consider the addition problem: 26 + 58. We start by adding the digits in the ones place, which gives us 6 + 8 = 14. Since 14 is greater than 10, we regroup. We write down the 4 in the ones place and carry the 1 to the tens place. Next, we add the digits in the tens place, which gives us 1 + 2 + 5 = 8. Therefore, the sum of 26 + 58 is 84.

Why is Regrouping Important?

Regrouping is important because it allows us to perform addition with larger numbers accurately. It helps develop a solid understanding of place value and lays the foundation for more complex mathematical operations, such as multiplication and division.

Common Mistakes

Students often make mistakes when regrouping, especially when dealing with multiple digits. Some common mistakes include forgetting to carry over the digit, writing the digits in the wrong place, or adding incorrectly. It is essential to practice regrouping regularly to avoid these errors.

Regrouping Strategies

Here are some strategies that can help students master regrouping:

  1. Use manipulatives, such as base-ten blocks or counters, to physically represent the numbers and understand the concept of regrouping.
  2. Practice with worksheets that provide step-by-step guidance and gradually increase in difficulty.
  3. Break down larger problems into smaller, manageable parts to make regrouping easier.
  4. Encourage mental math skills by having students estimate the sum before performing regrouping.


Regrouping in math addition is a crucial skill that allows us to add larger numbers accurately. By understanding the concept and practicing regularly, students can develop a strong foundation in mathematics and build confidence in solving more complex problems.