V Words For Preschool

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As a parent or teacher, you may be wondering how to introduce new vocabulary words to your preschooler. Building a strong vocabulary is essential for early childhood development, and it sets the foundation for future learning. In this article, we will explore some fun and effective ways to teach your preschooler words that start with the letter “V.”

Why Are Vocabulary Words Important?

A robust vocabulary is crucial for a child’s language development and communication skills. It helps children express themselves, understand others, and comprehend written text. By introducing new words, you expand their knowledge and enable them to make connections between concepts.

1. Visual Flashcards

Visual aids are a powerful tool for preschoolers. Create flashcards with vivid images of objects that start with the letter “V,” such as vegetables, vehicles, or a volcano. Show the flashcards to your child and encourage them to repeat the word after you. This activity enhances their visual memory and vocabulary skills.

2. Vocabulary Games

Preschoolers love games, so incorporate vocabulary-building activities into their playtime. Play “I Spy” with objects that start with the letter “V” in your surroundings. For example, say, “I spy with my little eye something that starts with V,” and let your child guess the object. This game encourages critical thinking and word association.

3. Verb Charades

Verbs are action words that preschoolers encounter frequently. Engage your child in a game of charades, where they act out different verbs starting with the letter “V.” For example, they can pretend to vacuum, volunteer, or play violin. This activity enhances their understanding of verbs and encourages physical movement.

4. Virtual Storytime

In today’s digital age, virtual resources can be a valuable asset. Look for online storybooks or videos that focus on vocabulary words starting with “V.” Watch or read these stories with your child and discuss the new words they encounter. This activity combines education with entertainment, making learning enjoyable for preschoolers.

5. Vocabulary Journal

Create a vocabulary journal with your preschooler. Every day, introduce a new word that begins with “V” and encourage them to draw a picture or write a sentence about it. This activity promotes creativity, reinforces word recognition, and provides a reference for future learning.

6. Visit to the Vet

A visit to the vet can be an educational experience for preschoolers. Explain the role of a veterinarian and discuss the different animals they treat. Use this opportunity to introduce new vocabulary words related to animals, such as “vet,” “veterinary,” or “vaccination.” This hands-on experience helps reinforce vocabulary in a real-world context.

7. Vowel Sorting

Teach your child about vowels through sorting activities. Write down several words that start with “V” and separate them based on the vowel sound they contain. For example, sort “van,” “vet,” and “vine” under the short “e” sound category. This activity helps preschoolers understand the importance of vowels and their different sounds.

8. Veggie Tasting

Introduce healthy eating habits and new vocabulary words simultaneously by organizing a veggie tasting session. Offer various vegetables that start with the letter “V,” such as carrots, cucumbers, and green beans. Encourage your child to try them and describe the taste or texture using new vocabulary words. This activity promotes healthy eating and expands their vocabulary.

9. Vocabulary Hunt

Turn vocabulary-building into a treasure hunt. Hide objects or picture cards of words starting with “V” around the house or classroom. Provide your child with a list of words to find and have them search for each item. This game encourages active learning and reinforces word recognition skills.


Introducing new vocabulary words to preschoolers can be both educational and enjoyable. By incorporating fun activities, games, and resources, you can help your child develop a strong vocabulary. Remember to make learning interactive and engaging to create a positive learning experience for your preschooler as they discover words that start with the letter “V.”