Multiply Chart 1-12

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What is a Multiply Chart?

A multiply chart, also known as a multiplication table or times table, is a mathematical tool used to display the multiplication facts from 1 to 12. It is organized in a grid format, with the numbers 1 to 12 listed along the top and left-hand side of the table. The intersecting cells contain the products of multiplying the corresponding numbers.

Why is the Multiply Chart Important?

The multiply chart is an essential educational resource for students learning basic multiplication. It helps them understand and memorize the multiplication facts more easily. By referring to the chart, students can quickly find the product of two numbers without having to perform the multiplication operation every time.

How to Use the Multiply Chart?

Step 1:

Locate the first number (multiplicand) along the left-hand side of the chart.

Step 2:

Find the second number (multiplier) along the top of the chart.

Step 3:

Trace your finger along the row of the first number and the column of the second number until they intersect.

Step 4:

The number at the intersection is the product of the two numbers.

Benefits of Using the Multiply Chart

Using the multiply chart has several advantages:

  • Improves multiplication skills: By regularly referring to the chart, students can enhance their ability to recall multiplication facts quickly and accurately.
  • Aids mental math: The multiply chart helps students develop mental math skills by enabling them to perform rapid multiplication calculations in their heads.
  • Builds confidence: Mastering the multiplication facts boosts students’ confidence in solving more complex mathematical problems.
  • Time-saving: The chart saves time by providing an instant reference for multiplication facts, eliminating the need for repetitive calculations.

Tips for Memorizing the Multiply Chart

Here are some helpful tips to memorize the multiply chart:

  • Practice regularly: Set aside a few minutes each day to review the multiplication facts using the chart.
  • Use mnemonics: Create memorable phrases or rhymes to associate with specific multiplication facts.
  • Visualize patterns: Observe the patterns within the chart to identify relationships between numbers.
  • Play games: Engage in fun multiplication games or quizzes that involve using the multiply chart.
  • Break it down: Focus on smaller sections of the chart at a time and gradually work your way up to the entire table.


The multiply chart is a valuable tool for learning and mastering multiplication facts. By regularly practicing with the chart and following the tips mentioned above, students can improve their multiplication skills, enhance mental math abilities, and gain confidence in solving mathematical problems. Make sure to incorporate the use of the multiply chart into your study routine to maximize learning and make multiplication a breeze!