Crafts For The Letter V

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V is for Vulture & Vase Alphabet crafts preschool, Letter a crafts

Welcome to our craft blog! In today’s post, we will be sharing some fun and creative crafts that start with the letter V. Whether you are a teacher looking for activities to do in the classroom or a parent searching for engaging projects to do at home, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

1. Vibrant Vegetable Prints

Get your hands dirty with this vegetable printing activity. Cut various vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, and celery into different shapes. Dip them in washable paint and press them onto paper or fabric. The result is a vibrant and unique print that your kids will love!

2. Velvety Vases

Add a touch of elegance to your home with velvety vases. Purchase inexpensive glass vases from a thrift store or dollar store. Apply a thin layer of craft glue to the surface and wrap it with velvet fabric. Let it dry and voila! You have a beautiful vase that can be used as a centerpiece or a decorative item.

3. Volcano Science Experiment

Combine crafts and science with this exciting volcano experiment. Create a volcano using clay or playdough and place it on a tray or a container. Mix vinegar and baking soda in a separate container and pour it into the volcano. Watch as the volcano erupts with fizzing lava, providing a hands-on learning experience for kids.

4. Vibrant Paper Vests

Create personalized vests using colorful construction paper. Cut out a vest shape from the paper and let kids decorate it with markers, stickers, and glitter. Attach strings or ribbons to the sides to tie the vest together. This craft is perfect for imaginative play or as a costume for a themed party.

5. Vegetable Stamping Art

Explore the world of art with vegetable stamping. Cut vegetables like potatoes or okra in half and carve different shapes or patterns on the flat side. Dip them in paint and press them onto paper or canvas to create unique and textured artwork. Encourage creativity by experimenting with different colors and shapes.

6. Velcro Board Game

Create a fun and interactive board game using Velcro. Draw a game board on a piece of cardboard and attach Velcro dots to the spaces. Cut out various shapes from felt or fabric and attach the other side of the Velcro dots to the back of the shapes. Players can take turns placing the shapes on the board, making it an engaging and educational activity.

7. Vintage-inspired Jewelry

Get crafty with jewelry-making by creating vintage-inspired pieces. Use beads, charms, and chains to design unique necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Incorporate vintage elements like old keys or pocket watches to add a touch of nostalgia. This craft is perfect for adults or older kids who enjoy creating personalized accessories.

8. Votive Candle Holders

Illuminate your space with handmade votive candle holders. Collect small glass jars or containers and decorate them with colored tissue paper or glass paint. Place a small candle or LED tea light inside the jar, and you’ll have a beautiful and cozy decoration for any room in your home.

9. Vegetable Soup

Combine crafts and cooking with a delicious vegetable soup recipe. Gather various vegetables like carrots, celery, and peppers and let your kids help chop them into small pieces. Follow a simple vegetable soup recipe and let them add the ingredients to the pot. Not only will you have a tasty and healthy meal, but you’ll also create lasting memories in the kitchen.


These crafts for the letter V are not only fun and engaging but also educational and creative. From vegetable printing to vintage-inspired jewelry, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So gather your materials and get crafty with these exciting projects!